Trifolium Jewellery

Solid silver moon pendant set with a moonstone


I made this pendant for author Kathleen Herbert in 1983 when she won the Georgette Heyer Memorial prize. I wrote about it here.

This design is now available to buy in The Fountain Gallery in Wigton, along with several other iconic pieces.
Running Dogs: a design based on an illumination from the 
Book of Kells. In sterling silver with 9 ct gold eyes

Unique vintage beads, hand made in Africa

You will either love these, or hate them.

If you love the marks of time, and the stories that they tell, on an old table or cupboard; if you relish the patina on an old banister, where generations of hands have grasped and turned;  if you love the angled wear on an old pewter spoon, which has stirred countless pans of porridge;- you will love these beads. You will love them for their story,  you will love them for their very imperfections, you will love them for their flawed and human beauty.

I bought these many years ago from a trader who travelled in Africa and India, buying craft goods direct from the makers. I have never seen anything quite like them- before or since. I learnt from him how the women that made them pounded up discarded Vick bottles, and other containers, packed the ground glass into hand-made clay moulds, and fired them over their cooking fires. Many of them still have bits of the original lettering on their surface.

I have searched the virtual world for something like them, and although I have found some beautiful African beads, made from recycled glass in small furnaces and factories in West Africa, I cannot find their like again.

Each of these huge, chunky beads is as individual as the woman who made it. And I have only enough to make a maximum of ten necklaces. So, if you love them enough to buy them, you will get a certificate saying that you will never see another necklace exactly like it.

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