The Fountain Gallery

The Fountain Gallery is an unusual enterprise: it is run, financed and staffed by a cooperative of 18 artists and crafts people. All members work to staff the gallery, and all have contributed to renovating what was originally Park's Shoe Shop.

The Fountain Gallery opening hours:
Monday Wednesday Saturday 10.00 - 1.00 Tuesday Thursday Friday 10.00 - 4.00 

Address: 10-12 High Street, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 9NJ

The brolly is furled: "Let's go in"


I had heard that Prince Charles does what he wants to do, and speaks to whom he wants when on a visit like this. Luckily for us, he wanted to see the Fountain Gallery

Chief Constable Stuart Hyde

Rory Stuart MP with Carol Burns

Meanwhile, I stood outside, opposite the Gallery, hoping for a shot of HRH looking in the window. I was slowly icing up as the snow started to fall - really- and I tried to protect my camera under my coat. I needn't have worried, as Prince Charles did exactly what he wanted and went in. These photos are courtesy of my fellow artists and Fountain Gallery members, Vivienne Colman and Derek Ridley

Internationally renowned artist Conrad Atkinson officially opened the Fountain Gallery in Wigton on 1st October 2011

The Fountain Gallery is run by a cooperative of artists and craftspeople- an unusual set-up for a gallery in this area, although Melvin Bragg, who called in on Friday, said it was relatively common in West Coast America.

Melvin chatting to artist Mary Snape

 The Fountain Gallery has a Flikr website with photos of work by member artists and craftspeople. It will take some time before all work is up on the site- please keep visiting. Meanwhile, here are a few shots to whet your appetite!