Thursday, 30 January 2014


Images from Book of Kells

Running Dogs by Connie Jensen, Trifolium Jewellery

Available at The Fountain Gallery

This brooch is now on its way to deepest Ontario as a present for a vet. 

I designed it when one of the illuminations in the Book of Kells caught my imagination. 

Below is is a drawing from the original.

I have found several artifacts based on this design, but most jewellers and potters etc have copied the original exactly, and as far as jewellery is concerned, I think simplest is best. 

I redrew many times, as is my wont when designing a new piece and became more and more frustrated until I 'lost' the far side legs and all became clearer and cleaner. I kept the look of the rangy, ferocious hounds, and gained an airier piece of 3D jewellery, with a pattern of interlocked triangles, which looks dramatic on dark cloth.

The next stage was to use the same idea with a different animal. This was harder than I expected- and again, many others have done the same thing with varying degrees of success. I finally ended up with Running Deer, heavier and perhaps more formal than the dogs.

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