Wednesday, 31 October 2012


What better thing to do on a wet and miserable Sunday afternoon, than dance away the hours? 

OK OK- it might not rain on Sunday I hear you say? Did I hear an Oink Oink from overhead?

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Saturday, 20 October 2012


Wigton Theatre Club started its new season with peals of laughter. A packed audience for the last night of Simon Brett's Murder in Play was a wonderful reassurance that despite all the entertainments available to people today, live theatre beats all.

I have worked with Wigton Players before, when I co-wrote and helped to direct The Throstle's Nest - which was another sell-out success in June, and I was already full of admiration for their professional attitude and high standards. However, I was not prepared for just how funny they could be: The Throstle's Nest had comic moments but most of the parts were straight, whereas everyone in Murder in Play is funny. Facial expressions alone had the audience in stitches and when all of them are hamming it up and over acting (in the play within the play) their lack of self consciousness, their concentration and their sheer energy had the audience gasping for breath. This all bodes well for the future: if you missed Murder in Play or The Throstle's Nest, make sure you put the dates below in your diary.

And above all be sure to get to this year's panto:
Robinson Crusoe- The Truth by James Barry, directed by Jordan Tweddle and Liz Chapman.

I have had a preview of the script and know it's very funny- it will all be set in Wigton, from whose docks Robinson sets sail for distant isles. (Whether he gets there is another story- you'll have to come and see for yourself) You didn't know there were docks in Wigton? Well, there's  plenty of nettles, and where there's nettles there's docks! There will be special guest appearances from Dame Fanny Featherstonhaugh and Ma Matilda Maharg (AKA Mike Bryceson and Dennis Graham) Mike (famous for his Dickens and his surveyor will not forget his lines (oh yes he will) and Dennis will be very quiet and meek (oh no he won't) They will have a bit to say about life the universe and everything, and will be trying to get their greedy paws on Mrs Crusoe's Wigton tavern  (I know because I am writing their script)

December 10th to 15th  Matinee on the 15th

February 26th to 1st March
Last of the Red Hot Lovers by Neil Simon
Directed by Pat Conlan
Barney, who has been married to an irreproachable wife for 23 years, feels the urge to join the sexual revolution before it is too late.

End of May (Hopefully to coincide with Windows Week)
Desperately Seeking Julie Written and directed by Helene Phillips
A comedy concerning a group of fans travelling by coach to a Julie Andrews Convention but a dodgy satnav means that the trip does not turn out as planned.

October 2013
Specially commissioned play by the Patchwork Scriveners to commemorate the club's diamond jubilee. (.and that's me and a couple of friends again!)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Tonight, tomorrow and Friday 
at the John Peel Theatre  Wigton - Simon Brett's witty and funny Murder in Play -tickets from Station Road Garage

Saturday 20th October Cumbrian meal with John Crouch at Warwick on Eden- details in an earlier post below

The Aomori String Quartet
(postgraduate students at Royal Northern College of Music)
present a programme of music by
Wigton Methodist Church Saturday 17th November 2012 7.30pm

Friday, 12 October 2012

John Crouch Cooks Cumbrian

Renowned Cumbrian Chef John Crouch will be cooking up a Cumbrian feast next Saturday at Warwick on Eden Village Hall to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Carlisle Overses Aid Trust. Here's a foretaste:
Westmorland Soup (Tomato & Lentil)
Cranberry and Juniper Glazed Pork
Vegetable Cobbler
  New Potatoes
Penrith Spiced Carrots
Red Cabbage With Apple
Cumberland Rum Nicky
Tickets:   £15 (BYOB)
Date:   Saturday 20th October at 7.30
Place:  Warwick on Eden Village Hall 
            (just off A69 at Warwick Bridge)
Contact:  Connie Jensen 016973 42570