Friday, 27 April 2012


Sketches for a unique piece of jewellery to celebrate Wigton Market's 750 Anniversary
I have thoroughly enjoyed being one of a small group from North Cumbria Scriptwriters working together to create a play for Wigton Players. I am in awe of my fellow writers' skills and ideas and it has been a privilege to work with them and with members of Wigton Theatre Club. Now I can look forward to working more closely with the Players as they bring the Throstle to life in the theatre. However, my involvement doesn't stop there: in trying to cover 750 years of the town's history in a couple of hours, we have created a series of cameos of life through the ages, and, in order to have some sense of continuity we have core characters who go through the whole play, and a theme of young lovers who give one another a brooch, a love token handed down through the generations. Of course- I now have to make this brooch, which will be elaborate and heavy, the design based on some Viking jewellery found near Penrith. I can't wait to get started! I intend to make some smaller, simpler "throstle" jewellery- earrings, brooches and pendants for sale in the Fountain Gallery too!

The Penrith Hoard of Viking silver brooches, now in the British Museum

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Prince Charles looked carefully and appreciatively at the work in Wigton's cooperative Fountain gallery today.

Chatting easily to painter Carol Burns, he remarked that he "might as well give up". Local MP Rory Stewart, who invited him to visit Wigton in its 750th Anniversary Year, had popped in earlier to say that he was very sorry, but the Prince's schedule would not let him fit in a visit; however as the party neared the Gallery, Rory pointed across the road, and Prince Charles went straight in! I had heard earlier that he does exactly what he wants to do on a visit like this, and we are very pleased he chose to visit us. The pictures tell the story:

Here he is just about opposite the door

Rory points out the Gallery to him (I am trying to take a pic with frozen hands)

He makes the decision and walks across the road!

Thanks to painter and gallery member Anne Bryson for these great photos, and to Rory Stewart for his efforts!

Wigton Prepares!

Excitement is building in Wigton: the nice man in Easton's (Mr Easton) looks splendid in a suit, kids are doing wheelies up the cordoned off High Street, and police are everywhere.

Monday, 2 April 2012


"One is astounded by the talent in this small town, and what a jolly little town it is too," Prince Charles said as he admired the work in the Fountain Gallery. 

Well--- we can hope!

Whether or not HRH decides to pop his Royal Head round the door, the Fountain Gallery is doing OK and looking very good, with two new members- internationally known local artist, Margaret Harrison, and wood turner Mac- as well as lots of new work from all the other members. Come and have a look when the crowds have gone!